Unlike dimensional lumber, there’s no standard for posts, poles and railing. That means there can be a large fudge factor from company to company. For instance, you might order a load of 3½-inch poles only to find a big discrepancy upon delivery. At Jasper, we’ve set the bar high when it comes to consistency in sizing.


We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than having to go to numerous suppliers to get all the wood fencing and rail fencing supplies you need to fill orders for your customers. That’s why Jasper maintains one of the largest inventories of wood fence supplies, including fence posts, rail fencing, lodgepole pine stakes, trellises and more.


Sure, you might find cheaper wood fencing supplies at some of those other companies, but your customers would pay a lot more in the long run. Inferior grade wood fences won’t stand up to wear and tear, year after year, like true Jasper lodgepole pine products will. Season after season, your customers get the kind of straight-up endurance that spells real economy and value.

Personal Service

You can’t beat experience. Wood fencing companies come and they go. But only one has the track record that ensures the level of value, quality and service you and your customers deserve. That’s Jasper Enterprises. We’ve been helping retailers just like you meet their customers’ farm, industrial and home wood fencing needs since 1988. And over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the premier supplier of lodgepole pine in the nation.