Decorative Wood and Rail Fencing



When it comes to making your customers properties look their best, nothing can take the place of real wood rail fencing. And no one has a broader supply than Jasper. Whether it’s for a garden fence or a pasture enclosure, you’ll find a full line of wood fence supplies, including fence poles, rails and just about every other wood fencing product, to help your customers complete those special projects.

More than just tradition. Everyone loves the classic look of real wood fencing, but Jasper Lodgepole Pine posts and rails give your customers real added economic value, too. Jasper uses only the very best lodgepole pine to ensure long life and unparalleled durability. Every piece of wood is straight, bark-free, true and uniform in size. That means your customers not only get great looks, but great value as well.

The proof is in the grain. Jasper Lodgepole Pine posts and rails have a uniform, tight grain that gives them superior strength and durability. Your customers can even use commercial post pounders without fear of splitting. Plus, the tight grain means Jasper Lodgepole Pine posts and rails will take a variety of preservatives for even longer life.

3.5″ x 8′, 3.5″ x 10′, 4″ x 8′, 4″ x 10′
5″ x 7′ / 3 hole, 5″ x 8′ / 4 hole, 6″ x 7′ / 3 hole, 6″ x 8′ / 4 hole