Farm and Ranch



Your customers know that good farming and ranching start with good agricultural fencing. And no matter what their wood fencing needs—to keep out deer, to keep in livestock or for general use around the ranch—there’s no better wood than lodgepole pine and no better place to stock your farm fencing supplies than Jasper Enterprises.

Don’t your customers deserve the best? Sure, there are cheaper agricultural fencing solutions out there; you’ve probably seen them. But do they measure up? Do they have the tight, true grain, uniformity of size and consistent high quality of Jasper Lodgepole Pine? Chances are the answer is no, because when it comes to lodgepole pine fencing, there’s simply nothing better than Jasper.

They look to you. Your customers trust your judgment and advice. That’s why they come back to you year after year. Now you can provide them with even greater added value by offering them the wide spectrum of highest-quality Jasper Lodgepole Pine agricultural fencing products. From order to delivery and from post to rail, when you partner with Jasper, you’re giving your customers the very best in products and service.

2.5″ x 7′,   2.5″ x 8′,   2.5″ x 10′,   2.5″ x 12′
3-4″ x 7′,   3-4″ x 8′,   3-4″ x 9′,   3-4″ x 10′,   3-4″ x 12′,   3-4″ x 17′,   3-4″ x 21′
4-5″ x 7′,   4-5″ x 8′,   4-5″ x 9′,   4-5″ x 10′,   4-5″ x 12′
5-6″ x 7′,   5-6″ x 8′,   5-6″ x 9′,   5-6″ x 10′,   5-6″ x 12′
6-7″ x 7′,   6-7″ x 8′,   6-7″ x 9′,   6-7″ x 10′,   7-8″ x 8′,   8-9″ x 8′