Welcome to Jasper Enterprises, producer and distributor of high-quality lodgepole pine products for agriculture, industry and home.

Why lodgepole pine? The answer is simple: No other wood has the strength, tight grain and longevity of lodgepole pine. Whether your customers are in the market for stakes, fencing or landscaping lumber, you just can’t offer them a better wood fencing product than lodgepole pine.

History of the lodgepole pine. The lodgepole pine has played a pivotal role in the history of the American West. Native Americans used the sturdy, slim trees to support their lodges, hence the iconic name. They even found use for the lodgepole pine’s sap as a medicine. Later, the stout tree’s timbers were prized by the mining and railroad industries for their abundance and strength.

The lodgepole pine and the economy. Today, the lodgepole pine is an even more important resource. It is still used in mining and railroad engineering for plywood, paneling, doors and of course fencing. Because lodgepole pine is so adaptable to different soils, altitudes and climates, a secure supply is virtually guaranteed.

Why Jasper? Because you get true sizing, across-the-board consistency, unequaled quality and the kind of personal service that only 25 years of experience in the lodgepole pine business can provide.